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Welcome to Clarksville Little League!

Welcome to Clarksville Little League!

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Jan, 2020

Instructional League Rules


Each player shall receive 5 pitches.   Please, do not give additional pitches.  If the hitter does not hit the 5th pitch, a tee will be used. Make sure the defense is ready before placing the ball on the tee. No extra pitches

Games will consist of 2 innings in which every player will get a chance to bat, and field. Games are noncompetitive.

The machine will be preset, and locked to a specific speed. No one is to adjust machine without coordinating with VP of league. Only an adult may operate the machine.


The offensive teams bats their entire lineup. Helmets with facemasks are mandatory.

The batter and runners shall advance 1 base on a hit ball that stays in the infield and 2 bases on a batted ball that goes into the outfield.   No extra bases on overthrows.

If a runner is put out that player is removed from base to reward the defense.

ONLY the batter while batting is permitted to hold a bat. At no other time should a player be holding a bat. (No warming up on deck permitted)  THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!! PLAYERS HAVE BE GRAVELY INJURED DUE TO ACCIDENTS DUE TO CARELESS BAT SWINGING

Coaches are encouraged to move players around defensively and change up the batting order.

No catcher. Adults only requested to be catchers -    All players play defense 

Encourage your parents to help during practices and during games.  Each team needs several parents helping at all times.  An adult must be in the dugout with the kids when their team is at bat.   Every team should have someone who is getting the hitters ready for their turn at bat.  This will prevent unnecessary delays. It is very important to keep the game moving!  Please ask your players and parents to help clean up after every game.  Players in the dugout should not be pushing, touching, etc.  A parent must be in the dugout during games.

The defense should have players at the traditional positions with everyone else in the outfield.  With 10 players that’s 5 infielders and 5 outfielders.  This is to teach the players the basic positions.  

Coaches are responsible for getting the machine out and returning to the barn after the last game.  Game balls and additional equipment will be in the equipment box located in the dugout of the field. Key for box will be given to head coach at meeting.

Players line up and shake hands after each game.




The coaches in this league coaches should be teaching: Again this is a noncompetitive league, and coaches should be teaching the basic fundamentals of the game.

Where the bases are and what they are called. 

What direction they should run.

Basic base running skills:  You can over run first but not second or third. 

How to throw and how to swing a bat. (Where to place the hands)  Most players will not be able to consistently catch a baseball at this level. Getting their glove to right location is the first step.  

Players should be taught to look at their target then step and throw.

Introduce the defensive players to covering bases on a hit ball to get an out.

Basic terms:  Fair ball, foul ball, out and safe, all the defensive positions, Infield, outfield, force out, tag, on deck, dugout…..

Infielders do not run into the outfield to chase a ball. 

Do not jump on the ball.  Stay on your feet.

Field a moving ball with your glove. Pick up a non moving ball with your bare hand.

Do not walk in front of or in between your teammates when they are throwing

NEVER walk up to another player who is swinging a bat – They may not see you

Try to get parents involved during practices so you can break up into groups. 

Try using stations like:  Batting Tee, soft toss batting, soft toss catching, etc. to keep small groups to minimize kids standing around waiting in line to do something.







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