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Board Members

President:                                                  Donnie Kidwell                    Phone: 812-989-4126                Email:                     
Player Agent:                                             Mike Stevens                      Phone: 502-741-9140                Email:                     
Treasurer:                                                  Kim Holmes                         Phone: 502-303-0797                Email:               
Secretary:                                                   Nikki Thompson                   Phone: 502-654-1212                                                                                 

Concession Stand Coordinator:              AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                            
Fundraiser Coordinator:                          Sabrina Murphy                   Phone: 812-557-5538              Email:     
Equipment Manager:                               Tony Young                         Phone: 812-725-4033              Email:                
Safety Officer:                                          Christina Hansford               Phone: 812-987-5715                                                                                  

Sargent at Arms:                                      James Murphy                   Phone: 812-557-5535  
Umpire in Chief:                                      Bailey Jarnagain                      Phone: 812-987-7908                          Email:               
Information Officer:                                Adam Caldwell                    Phone: 502-689-9199              Email:           
VP Tee Ball/Coach Pitch:                       Brandon Miller                      Phone: 812-209-8454             Email:
VP Pee Wee Boys:                                  Ronnie Neal                        Phone: 502-664-0282                                                                                     
VP Pee Wee Girls:                                   Brittany Badgett                Phone: 502-322-4993                Email:                       
VP Minor Boys:                                       Chris Johnson                     Phone: 812-987-5324              Email:           

VP Minor Girls:                                       AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                                
VP Major Boys:                                      
Alvin Stahl                            Phone: 502-294-3010               Email:             
VP Major Girls:                                       AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                                
VP Junior Boys:                                     AVAILABLE                                                                                                                                                
VP Junior Girls:                                      Richard Brown                      Phone: 812-786-2824                                                                                    

VP Senior Girls:                                      Joey Hoskins                        Phone: 812-987-6205                                                                                  

Contact Us

Clarksville Little League

500 Little League Blvd, N/A
Clarksville, Indiana 47129

Email Us:
Phone : 502-689-9199
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